Continuous Care Monitoring™ is an unprecedented solution.

Continuous Care Monitoring™

Utilizing smart wearable technology combined with an AI-assisted, Cloud-based platform, it provides stakeholders (such as Govt., healthcare provider, employer) key data to remotely view and monitor the health & wellness of the users of the COVE9 device, thereby furthering safer environments.

It’s a threefold, 360 degree solution:

Backend Solution
  • Be alerted when User crosses threshold temperature/other parameters.
  • Understand patterns among Users.
  • Create location based clusters to understand potential risks.
Health & Wellness Solution
  • Identify who should be the Users of the device.
  • Monitor location and physical movements.
  • Raise alerts when User is mobile.
Tracking Solution
  • Share data with Stakeholders.
  • Raise alerts to the Stakeholders.
  • Access information on nearest treatment centres.

What Professionals Are Saying

How Does It Work?


Get the COVE9 smart wrist band to get started.


This is connected via an app on their smartphone to a remote monitoring platform that monitors both temperature and heart rate, along with other health metrics.


If health & wellness metrics are breached, the user is prompted to notify the app and the back-end system is alerted so the stakeholders are aware of the current condition.


Geo location is sent out to the user of the nearest medical center, and simultaneously the stakeholders are also alerted.


Using geo-fencing, a defined geographical area can be set for monitoring and if it is breached then their stakeholder and relevant authorities are alerted.


Using the geo-fencing, a heat map can be created, which can guide the stakeholder & users accordingly.

Benefits of CCM+

  • Continuous monitoring of everyone wearing the device and receiving the alerts.
  • Geo-fencing and monitoring of the users.
  • Geographic location information of all users to understand the heat maps.

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Facilities are being stretched to the max and becoming overwhelmed juggling the priorities of maintaining proper care along with the safety of their staff. A smart remote monitoring solution can support both challenges, so you can stay on top of the situation.

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