Remote Monitoring

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Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring solution utilizes iDOC WATCH V2 to monitor Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, HRV, Sleep & Daily Activity to provide real-time data to doctors remotely.

Doctors can monitor patients in real-time via a web dashboard and view their live health vitals along with historical health patterns.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

In-built Blood Pressure monitoring keep track of your blood pressure anytime anywhere. .

Band measures, displays your blood pressure & HR values with simple touch operations. App records the history of your measurements.


Heart Rate Monitoring

Stay on top of your health, monitor your heart rate automatically throughout the day & keep track of your heart rate trends.

Check your live heart rate from the app dashboard and monitor your daily, weekly & monthly heart rate trends in the history

All-Day Activity Tracking

Keep track of your daily activities like steps, distance, calories burned and active time.


Auto Sleep Tracking

Set sleep goal & track your sleep quality automatically and seamlessly & provides insights about your sleep quality.

GPS Run Tracking

Track your run session on app & monitor your performance with insights.

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idoc easy care image
Sedentary Reminder

Don’t be a couch potato, and stay in action with the Sedentary Reminder

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Receiver Incoming call & SMS along with social notifications such as WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook etc.

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Set alarms on the go and get reminders for workout, medicines etc. on the band.