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7 Mins of Skipping equals..

30 Mins of Jogging
2 Sets of Tennis Singles
650m of Swimming
30 Mins of Squash

The many benefits of jumping rope.

  • 7 min of jumping rope is equivalent to 30 min of jogging
  • Easy on joints, 30% less force on the knee hinge than running
  • Healthier heart, jumping rope is one of the best form of cardio excercise
  • Improves bone density and posture
  • Better balance, agility, reflexes and stamina
  • Good brain excercise, coordination of hands and feet stimulates both hemispheres of the brain
  • Great full-body workout, engages muscle groups in the legs, glutes, core, shoulder and arms
  • Portable and easy to use. Excercise anytime, anywhere

Understand your
Skipping Performance

Employing visual perception to subtly and subjectively understand bio-physical information and its context.

Visual insight at a glance.

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Understand your Body

Providing context and insight to enhance the visual perception of bio-physical information, by utilising thoughtful design for human understanding.

Numerical context in real time.

Freestyle 3D Motion

Visual representation of your movements, to further the understanding of grace, pace, synchrony and harmony.

space, time, motion awareness


Reviewing History

A simple graphic library of performance reports –to enable quick-search and support quick-review of health performance over time.

Color + detail = insight

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