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COVE®, a registered brand of KaHa Pte Ltd, is an end to end smart IoT wearables platform, which enable brands to launch range of smart products. Our vision is to bring wearable technology in everyday life to make it more enriching, safe & fun. That is what drives our R&D strategy and defines our focus.

We are structured to achieve efficient time to market, unique value proposition to end consumers and in-house capability from design concepts to final products. Understanding the end customer is part of our DNA and all our products are based on extensive research involving end users.

Focus Verticals

End To End Value Chain

Concept & Product Definition

Market research | Competitors mapping | Identification of gaps & challenges in smart wearables domain | Identification of specific solvable use cases | Mapping Consumer journeys into product concepts Functional definition of the product | End user experience of the wearable produce | Branding requirements finalization

Electronic Design Hardware & Firmware

Engineering design of the product including the 3D designs I Type of Material & Dimension I Dimensions of each component etc. I Finalization of Bill of material I Casing design and manufacture I Electronics design and PCBA Stack I Finalizing Processors, sensor hub and accuracy.

Smart Phone Application End User Experience

Companion Smart phone applications for Android and iPhone I Easy to use end user solutions via thoughtful User Experience and User Interface for continuous user engagement I Fully customizable Application Theme and flow I Intelligent Device Management with Patented solutions.

Cloud & Application Eco System

Active Cloud, Design engineering and architecture I Comprehensive Cloud Application framework I Deployment support : Cloud Front, Load Balancing, Scalable Performance I Testing and automation tools, HTML, Java and allied tools I Detailed Analytics with in-house tools.

Final Product

Final assembly of the product I End to End testing of the product application and experience I Performance testing I Certification

After Sales Support

Support includes technical program management by on-site KaHa team during development delivery phase I L1/L2 Support | Local support available during office hours at KaHa office on all working days I After sales service tool if requested.

Social Engagement

Unique social engagements to increase the product usage I Deep learning tools, Dynamic cohort groups with focus on hyper relevance Analytical tools for hyper customer targeting I Secure geo tagging to make social engagements more relevant.

Our Partners

"Our strength lies in being an End to End platform."

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