Fitness Buddies

Build your buddy network, Invite your friends and buddies on the app

Cheer, Nudge or Applaud as you follow each others fitness progress

Stay Motivated and Stay connected- create your fitness circle, motivate, committed and reach fitness goals day after day!

Rank and Badges

Track your fitness journey; Earn beautifully designed custom badges fitness based on your accomplishments

Compete within your locality, city, state or country

See how you stackup against others in a comprehensive leaderboard

Inspire and invite your buddy network to scale their fitness peak

Custom Badges

Create personalized experience with Custom badges for your brand

Run plans

Run Plans provide you with a customized fitness plan based on your BMI and current activity levels, so that you can achieve your fitness goals, train and transform to a healthier lifestyle.

Be it is a marathon or a park run, run plans run plans enables you to take part actively.

Be active and in the game!